Vol. 1

by HYAH!

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Jules Joye
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Jules Joye This is the greatest thing that has ever hit my ear drum. Favorite track: Annie.
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recorded @ 1414 w/ HYAH!


released January 27, 2016




all rights reserved


HYAH! College Station, Texas

punk rock for sissies

by david

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Track Name: Annie
are you wearing a disguise
your enunciation's wry
lick your teeth as if they're dry
but i can't fucking shift my eyes
oh annie don't you know you sound so dull
you close your lips the storm comes to a lull

oh i know it's hard keeping up
pretending we're sane
we have methods if you like it
to sterilize your brain
but i know you well
okay maybe not quite enough
to tell you cared
but baby if you liked it
i'll show you something more
but it's hard to tell
it's hard to tell

have you given up on me
could you really dodidee
see some days i can't serve
but it's okay let's say
it's the thought that counts
and we're all winners
Track Name: Alaska
where are you going tonight
did you pay the high price
for your mystery ride
i’ll have a cigarette with you
use a white lighter hey what’s new
besides cancer for too

and you
are welcome tonight
welcome tonight
i will do my best to suffice
my best to suffice for you
are welcome tonight
welcome tonight
and i will do my best to suffice
for you in my life

it’s not you birthday tonight
but if you like
we can pretend
and we’ll celebrate right
i’m worried sick about you dear
you should know
while you’re here
you’ve made this very clear
Track Name: Brain Fart!
soft stagnant fluid fills my brain
and this slime takes time
to command around this hollow frame
inch by inch my spine slips away
call me a fraud
he looks taller every day

it's not the best no stress
it's much less than quite okay
but i'll deal
don't feel
like you've got to lead the way
a nic o t and addy
can take me quite a ways
but don't hit the same shit
or your days remain the same

you're bursting at the seams
holding clouded dreams that constrict you
it's easy not to care
but i believe you'll see it through
he's a little self-indulged
but nothing far from hope for you
chameleon at heart
so let's find the will to drive you
it's too easy not to care
Track Name: Dimples and Teeth
well if it makes you feel alive
it'd be daft to deny you
the right to indulge yourself
but these folks don't like to be in control
they just stand at the door and wait
till somebody lets them in

i wish i could stay for a while
but we've been out of words to say for some time
and your head's drawing blanks for a while
and it's getting late but i'm here for a

so let us take this shit out the door
sit in silence for days and more
to leave these feathers behind
while we learn to register our despair
it's just dimples and teeth so please
be kind and harden your skin
Track Name: Yo it's Yesturdee
break yourself apart
it's the only way to fix you
instead the chump who fights the art
holds the only way to break the muse

but i'm already new
we decided yesterday

feline or just a frowny face
i'm not one to give a damn to
but hey it's fun to be choosing sides
and pretend we stand for something

we've already been used
and i'm out of words to say